Director’s Message
Get hold of your inner strengths and be passionate about what you want, and take small daily steps that will condition you to success and greatness!
Advanced Academy attracted attention because of its innovative approach towards education. The huge amount of appreciation bestowed upon us by parents continues to inspire us more and more towards our endeavour to provide excellent education to our students. Over the last 12 years, school has added to the campus piece by piece and has come to symbolize Independence, high standards and a positive attitude. At the same time, we have focused on developing in our students pride in Indian culture, awareness and sensitivity towards national and global issues.
Success depends entirely on our ability to know what we want, the diligence we put in place to look for it and find it, and the courage we have to pursue it. And such a success is attained by not only what we do after 5 or 10 years but what we do each day, each month and each year.I extend my hand to all people associated with Advanced Academy, as it is because of their dedication and efforts, Advanced Academy stands as one of the most renowned schools of Madhya Pradesh. I promise that we will continue to scale new heights every day and acquire several milestones in times to come.
Best Wishes.
Anil Rai