Principal’s Desk
Greetings and a warm welcome to the website of Advanced Academy!
It is truly an honour to serve as the Principal of one of the prestigious educational institutions of Central India. I view this opportunity as a platform to lead by example and enable every team mate associated with the institution to scale greater heights in his/her area of work.
One of the most important decisions that a family makes is the choice of school for the all-round development of their beloved youngsters. We at Advanced Academy ensure that best practices in teaching-learning are tailored to meet the demands not only of the present times but of the future too.
Careful planning, thoughtful execution and the willingness to innovate in educational provision contribute to the high level of excellence achieved by our students in scholastic & co-scholastic fields.
Personally and professionally I am an advocate of ‘being a life-long learner’ and so my mission is to provide an environment to students with purposeful & engaging learning experiences, to equip them with skills that empower them to adapt to the ever changing world, to assist them in becoming conscientious citizens and independently thinking individuals who contribute to the nation constructively.
Effective schooling is a three way dynamic; the child, the family and the school work together for shaping his/her future. I wish to advise students to make the best of their schooling days where they learn and grow amidst a positive, safe, caring and warm environment. I want my students to LOVE THEIR SCHOOL. My message to all parents is to stay involved, be in contact with the teachers, communicate often with your child and celebrate his/her accomplishments. I assure the dynamic team of mentors and the dedicated administrative staff at Advanced Academy will continue to be compassionate and supportive. This two-way monitoring will certainly help in the well-being of the child and his/her education as well.
Our website serves to assist you to become acquainted with our school and an array of activities which are conducted annually. Please use the site to view examples of student work, dates of upcoming events, and general information. I invite you to explore our web site and find out more about us.
I am looking forward to a great experience of collaborative working with all of you.

Renu Muley